Download Our Info Sheet on Thanksgiving Turkey Basics

Download today to make sure you have the facts you need to purchase the perfect Thanksgiving for your family.  

This download is chockfull of details on how to determine what size turkey to purchase, how to select and thaw the turkey, and the steps involved in preparing the bird for the oven, such as wet or dry brining. We’ve also included a great video from the Culinary Institute of America on how to properly carve the turkey. 

Meet Trish aka "Honeypies"

My love for cooking started with a cardboard kitchen and plastic food as a little girl and evolved over the years from a hobby to a profession. My current cookbook project is Honeypie’s Recipes: 75 Biscotti Recipes – Sweet, Savory & Gluten-Free (spring 2019). Previous books include Endless Summer; 54 Quick and Creative Ice Cream and Dessert Recipes (Zoku LLC, 2014) and a children’s picture book, Scrambled Eggs (AuthorHouse, 2014). I develop and test recipes, write cookbook indexes, teach culinary classes, write the blog, and produce cooking videos on the Honeypie’s Recipes’ Channel on YouTube.

I live in Connecticut with my husband Eric, and a mischievous Min Pin named Roxie Rae. In addition to all things food, I love reading mystery and suspense novels, walking, swimming and traveling.

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